Codfish, sturgeon, salmon, and trout of selected origins. Delicatessen fish with presentations that are optimal for the food service industry.

Our codfish is fished off of the coast of Iceland, through sustainable fishing. Only “class A” means that the fish caught don’t have any deterioration caused by fishing or afterwards in handling, and we only process fresh codfish that is never frozen.

We only use Royal Atlantic Salmon of superior quality, and we handle it in the traditional Finnish way. This is why one of the particularities that make this product unique is the noble woods brought specially from there. Along with a secret combination of herbs, the smoke of this mixture provides its three exceptional qualities: a unique flavour, aroma, and texture.

There are many ways to prepare and smoke salmon; we specialize in this system originally from Finland, known as “hot smoking”, in which heat and smoke are applied at the same time. Our aim is to offer an exclusive, artisanal product, taking the utmost care with it, in order to please the most demanding palates.





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