Our facilities

Our facilities are designed with the latest technology in the processing and preservation of meat products, guaranteeing the quality and health of products at all times.

All of the handling operations are carried out in the corresponding room, with a controlled temperature (7‑9ºC), and with a flow in one direction, from reception to shipping.

We have a total of 1800 m² dfor meat processing and 600 m² for the cleaning and parking of vehicles.

The facilities are made up of:

  • 40 m² showroom.
  • 200 m² cutting room.
  • 25 m² processing room.
  • 40 m² packaging room.
  • 40 m² room for preparing orders.
  • 1000 m³ cold storage chambers at 0ºC.
  • 450 m³ cold storage chambers at -20ºC.
  • 50 m³ freezing tunnel at -40ºC.
  • 60 m² dock for receiving refrigerated product.
  • 33 m² dock for shipping refrigerated product.
  • 60 m² specific storage area (cardboard, packaging, additives).
  • 250 m² other spaces (changing rooms, offices).