Food Safety

All industrial processes are carried out under rigorous control by the Quality Department, in order to guarantee good practices of handling, identification, and traceability of products and the meeting of contractual requirements with customers. These controls start with purchasing, and they go on with the receiving and transforming, the finished product, to end with shipping.

At Carns Milà, quality is always an indispensable requirement. That’s why an exhaustive control is carried out of all of the processes and production phases, from the purchasing of raw materials until we deliver the product to our customer.

Our workers’ experience and training guarantee the proper handling, transformation, and overseeing of all our meat products.


Thanks to the implementing of a Quality Management System and compliance with A.P.P.C.C. regulations, we have a Quality Management System based on continuous improvement, through working procedures and technical instructions.


Carns Milà has a specific computer system in the sector that allows us to trace all of the production phases forwards and backwards in real time, thus guaranteeing compliance with traceability regulations.

Control and hygiene

Carns Milà has a cleaning and disinfecting procedure for all of its premises and facilities. This cleaning is done daily, and it is verified with a visual and microbiological control of surfaces that validates the proper cleaning procedure.