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Land of champions,
the best Argentine beef

Discover the exceptional quality of our meats imported directly from the Argentine Pampas and Patagonia, carefully selected to guarantee a unique culinary experience. Our Angus meats are recognized around the world for their high quality, and thanks to genetic selection, we ensure that only top quality specimens reach your table.

Raised in freedom in the vast Argentine grasslands, our animals enjoy extensive pasture that improves their well-being and the quality of the meat. We offer a wide range of traditional Argentinian cuts, perfect for barbecues and asados, as well as European-style cuts, ideal for a wide variety of gastronomic preparations.

In addition, each piece of meat is personally selected on site by the Carns Milà team, thus ensuring that only the best reaches your hands.

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Rump tail

Whole rib

Low loin

Beef entrail

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